Solutions to Onboarding Clients at Scale

If you manage hundreds or thousands of small businesses and want to offer them ads buying within your website or platform, Facebook has a solution for you. We have built a set of APIs that allow you to on board your clients to Facebook advertising with great ease. Using this solution you can create Ad accounts for your clients, manage their ad campaigns and pay for any ads created on their behalf directly to Facebook. This solution allows our partners to build new ads buying experiences within their website or platform.

What is the Solution

The solution allows you to manage ads and other assets programmatically via the API on behalf of your clients. You have access to the ads and assets you create and get to maintain a billing relationship with your client for any Facebook Ads created on their behalf. This enables you to offer fully managed ads services or simplified self serve ads buying experiences thereby improving return and reducing churn. A typical user flow involves your clients going to your website or platform, selecting the ads product they are interested in, some customization to support their use case and finally establishing a billing payment with you.

When using the two-tier business manager solution, you can create a Child Business Manager(CBM) on behalf of your client using their user access token and a Facebook page that is owned by them. They do not have access to the Client Business manager (CBM) by default but you have complete access to the child BM and can chose to give your clients read only permission if they have a use case for it. Your clients doesn't have access to the new CBM and its ad account unless you explicitly grant them access. Some additional notes about this setup:

  • This CBM has a Admin System User (ASU) attached to it with advertiser access to the page provided by your client during CBM creation.
  • Using the access token of the ASU for the CBM, an ad account can be created for the CBM and any other assets such as Pixel, Custom Audience, Product Catalog etc. can be associated with it.
  • You can also share the Line of credit (LOC) attached to your Parent BM (PBM) with its CBM and assign a spend limit to it to prevent accidental over spend.
Below is a diagram that summarizes the model.

  • BM: Business Manager
  • C: Client
  • SAU: System Admin User

Benefits of the solution

  1. This solution lowers the friction for your client signing up for Facebook advertising and improves your clients stickiness to your platform.
  2. This solution allows more revenue models for you and settle the balance with Facebook after setting aside service fees. You can share your line of credit with the child Business managers on behalf of your clients.
  3. This solution scales really well. It doesn't require any manual intervention from Facebook every time your Business Manager reaches the limit of maximum number of Ad Accounts.
  4. It organizes all the assets for clients more cleanly. Instead of you managing all the assets (Pages/Custom Audiences/ Pixels etc.) within one BM, it organizes all the assets for a client within their own BM.
  5. It provides you with actionable notifications for critical errors when an Ad Account has been blocked due to policy violation.
  6. It allows you to get consolidated invoices for all your Ad accounts which helps with book keeping.

For more information regarding these APIs you can visit the Marketing Docs on on boarding here,