Common Scenarios

The Business SDK is a powerful resource to build business solutions on Facebook. Our Reference docs provide the raw technical structure, fields, and operations available in the various APIs, however we have also provided a list of common scenarios below, to help you locate the reference doc that you need to build a solution for it.

Ads Buying

Learn how to buy ads and promote Facebook Pages.

Instagram Management

Learn how to publish photos and respond to comments on Instagram using the Facebook Business SDK.

Page Management

Learn how to create pages, update pages, and manage Page content.

Switch Access Tokens

Learn how to switch to from a User access token to a Page access token.

Onboarding Clients at Scale

The solution allows you to manage ads and other assets programmatically via the API on behalf of your clients.

Using Other APIs

How to use the Conversations API to send a message to a User who comments on a Page post.