Full Width

With SDK v5.5, Audience Network has introduced a new ad format called full width. Full width ads enable mobile web publishers to seamlessly switch from traditional 300x250 banner ads to a full width format. This new format extends beyond the 300x250 frame, as the image captures the full width of the screen. The ad frame captures the full width with a 10px horizontal padding, and extends up to 375px vertically.

Steps to Enable Full Width

  1. Create a Medium Rectangle (300x250) Placement in Business Manager
  2. Within the Placement Settings, Toggle on "Full screen width"

Best Practices for Enabling Full Width

  • Full Width only works with 300x250 ad units
  • Uncheck Safeframes in DFP on the creative level
  • Full Width will stop expanding if it finds a div with overflow: hidden
  • Full Width will render as 300x250 if the ad space is being absolutely positioned
  • In general, Full Width will render as 300x250 if we read anything in the containers or on the page that will cause it to not render properly