Audience Network Requests Debugger for Ads Requests Diagnosis

After implementing the placements in your app, you can use the Audience Network Requests Debugger tool to verify that Facebook is receiving the requests from your app.

  1. Go to Monetization Manager
  2. Click Manage property
  3. Click on Property Settings > Request Debugger on the top right
  4. Click on Start to monitor the requests from your app or website.

On your actual iOS or Android test device, iOS or Android, navigate in your app to trigger Audience Network ad placements. The ad requests will show up in the tool. Please verify that the requests are sent with the right placement ID, bundle package name, etc.

This requires a physical device and will not work on the iOS simulator or Android emulator

You need to be logged in to the Facebook app on the same test device that you use in order to be monitored by the tool.

If the ad requests doesn't show up in the tool, it means that Facebook is not receiving the requests as expected. You can check the following items to debug:

  1. Ensure you are on a physical device, not the simulator/emulator
  2. Ensure the Facebook app is installed on your test device
  3. Ensure the tester is logged in to Facebook on their test device also has a role in your business
  4. If using mediation, ensure the mediation layer is sending requests to Facebook Audience Network