Better Targeting = Better Experience

Better targeted ads are better for your users. When your ads match the interests of people, people are more likely to see the ad as additive to their experience and are more likely to engage with the ad.

Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing at Glu Mobile, said this about the Audience Network’s targeting:

“We've seen CPMs that are 2X or better with Facebook’s Audience Network compared to other top ad networks. We end up being able to show our users fewer ads because with the Audience Network, we can show the right ads to the right people.”

Targeting on the Audience Network

The Audience Network shows people the right ads by extending Facebook’s people based targeting to third-party apps. This means the ads match the interests of people, just as they do on Facebook.

Advertisers can opt their campaigns into the Audience Network with a single click. When an advertiser opts their campaign into the Audience Network, all of the same targeting applies to their ads, on Facebook or in third-party apps. This works because when you send us an ad request, we match that user to a Facebook user using the device ID or advertising ID from their device. Once we have identified the user, we are able to show them an ad similar to one they would have seen on Facebook.

The Power of Facebook Targeting

Facebook targeting works because it helps advertisers reach real people with accuracy. In fact, Facebook’s ads are >2x more accurate than other ad networks at reaching specific audiences.

When advertisers run ads on Facebook and on the Audience Network they can use a number of data sources to find the right audience:

  • Facebook data
  • Demographics, interests, behaviors, locations and connections
  • Advertiser's own data
  • “Custom audiences” – helps them find their existing audiences (ie, customers) among people who are on Facebook
  • “Lookalike audiences” –let them reach new people who are likely to be interested in their business because they're similar to a custom audience
  • Third-party data
  • Data available from third parties to help advertisers find useful audiences to target

User Security & Privacy

We have designed the Audience Network with user security and privacy top of mind. Advertisers will never receive names and contact information about the people that see their ads, just like on Facebook. If we detect that a device has Limit Ad Tracking enabled, we will not serve an ad based on that device's activity on third-party websites and apps.

For publishers, our ability to match the device to a Facebook user also means that you don’t need to pass back user information to Facebook. This makes your life easier and ensures a safe environment, as it allows you not to share unnecessary information about your users.

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