Samples from Audience Network SDK

Explore our code samples bundled with the Audience Network SDK release, which demonstrate how to use various ad formats. The samples you will find in the samples folder in the SDK release are:

  1. NativeAdSample shows how to integrate ads for the native ad format
  2. AdUnits sample shows how to integrate ads for banner, interstitial, and rewarded video formats

Samples from Github

Here is a collection of code samples designed to show you how to use the features of Audience Network in different scenarios. You can also see these samples on the Audience Network Samples github project.

SampleDescriptionSample Code

AdMob Wrapper

When using mediation, we recommend implementing two placements for the same ad unit. The first optimized for CPM and the second optimized for fill. This sample shows you how to do this using AdMob mediation.

Ads Sample

A combined sample showing usages of banner, interstitial and native format.

Banner Ad

Demonstrates implementation of a banner ad.


Demonstrates implementation of an interstitial ad.

Native Ad

Demonstrates implementation of a native ad.

Native Ad in feed

Demonstrates how to display Audience Network native ad unit inside a RecyclerView.

Python Reporting API Sample

Demonstrates how to use key Reporting API features in Python to send requests (sync or async) to fetch performance data and save them as .csv file.