Step 1: Create System User on Business Manager

  • Go to Business Manager Settings and click on System Users on the left nav bar.
  • Click on + Add button to and name your System User, you can use any name you want.
  • Pick the Regular System User from the System User Role, you don't need to create Admin System User for Audience Network Reporting API to work.
  • Once you are able to create System User, you should be ready to move over to the next step.

Step 2: Add System User to the Property

  • On the Business Manager Settings page, click on Data Sources and select Properties
  • Find and select the Property from the list so that the System User can access to Audience Network insights.
  • Click on Add People, find the System User and add to Property as Property Admin.

Step 3: Generate access token with the System User

  • Click on Generate New Token, you will need to select an app that will be used to query Audience Network Insights.

As a best practice and make management easier we suggest that you create/use a Facebook App ID that is different from the app/property that's using Audience Network. You can create this specific app id by clicking on Add a New App on developer site. If you need to add the application to your business, you can check out this help center article.

  • Once the correct app is selected, you will be shown a list of permissions to choose from. Select read_insights to be able to read Audience Network insights.
  • Click on Generate Token and you should see the confirmation screen with the token.

Step 4: Use the token

  • Once you are on the last screen, you can copy the System User Access Token and use it with your API queries.
  • You can always revoke the permission by renewing System User Access Token, this will move the permissions to the new System User Access Token and the old one won't be usable.