Audience Network Policy Examples

Examples and explanations for Audience Network Policy 2.4

Policy Language

"Ensure ads are clearly distinguishable from other content within your app."

The following serves as supplementary example material. To ensure your content is fully compliant, please consult the Audience Network Policy.

Examples and Explanations

Don't label ads in a deceptive manner (ex: “favorite downloads”, "recommended" or “today’s top offers”).

Ads must be clearly labeled with wording such as “advertisement”, “sponsored”, “ad” or another label previously agreed with Facebook in writing.

Ad labels must be clearly distinct from other site content and positioned in such as a way as to be attributable to the ad

Don't place misleading images alongside ads which may infer a relationship between the content and the ads.

Don’t draw unnatural attention to ads through deceptive means (ex: arrows pointing to ads or flashing ad borders).