Open Bidding with Partner Mediation

Open bidding is a modern online advertising model that increases competition between ad sources by running a real-time auction. Because all sources bid for each impression simultaneously, open bidding creates a fair and open ecosystem in which the source willing to pay the highest price has a chance to win every time.

In open bidding, all ad sources simultaneously bid on the impression.

Mediation Partners

Audience Network works with a number of third-party mediation partners so publishers who mediate with these platforms can integrate Facebook demand in real time. These partners follow our code of conduct, which outlines best practices for enabling an open and fair ecosystem. Key principles include:

  • Principled auction. Auctions are clear, unalterable, fair and choose winners based on highest price.
  • Access. All app bidding ad networks are called on every ad opportunity at the same time.
  • Transparency. The auction logic is transparent and verifiable.

The following table provides links to the Audience Network integration guides from our current mediation partners.