Mobile App Server-to-Server Bidding Integration

Facebook Audience Network has an ORTB bidder that supports both direct client integrations and server-to-server integrations. This guide describes how you can integrate bidding from a auction server.


In server-to-server integration, an auction server calls Facebook Audience Network bidding endpoint and all other demand sources to get bid responses. Then the auction server runs the auction and picks the winning bid. This auction server could be an in-house server running auction logic that you built or it could be a 3rd party server that is integrated with Audience Network's app bidding. This allows you to utilize the server's resources and available network to call the demand sources' bidding endpoints. It also allows you to make changes to these endpoint integrations without necessarily requiring client updates.


Platform Registration

Every bid request that the auction server sends contains a platform ID which identifies the platform. The platform ID is a FB app ID that can be obtained by creating a new app following the instructions below.

  • Go to the Facebook Developer Site, create a new Facebook App ID.
  • Go to the Facebook Business Setting, and add created Facebook app into any of your existing business (create a business if you do not have any business).
  • Let us know the app ID.
  • We recommend you follow publisher registration steps to test your bidding integration. The business ID that you have created through publisher registration will also need whitelisting as a bidding publisher in order to receive non-test bidding responses.

Publisher Registration

Each publisher needs to create an Audience Network business ID, which we will whitelist for bidding. Under this business id you can create multiple properties that utilizes bidding end point.

  • Go to the Facebook Audience Network documentation, click the "Start Now" button to create a new Business ID or you can use your existing Business ID.
  • You can create properties, apps or domains (mobile web), under the same Buisness ID but you will have to register them see Monetization Manager for more details. For web domains, this is only be possible once the app ID has been approved by Facebook.
  • Let us know the Business ID (this is your publisher ID).
  • You can manage user access to your business/app.

Passing Identity on Android/iOS

Our bidder expects an identity token in user.buyeruid field in the ORTB request. This token is generated in different ways for different platforms.


Call from the Android Audience Network SDK, on a background thread. The token is valid for the lifespan of the application process. Also pass the IDFA in device.ifa field with AdvertisingIdClient.getAdvertisingIdInfo(context).getId().


Call [FBAdSettings bidderToken] from the iOS Audience Network SDK. The token is valid for the lifespan of the application process. Also pass the IDFA in device.ifa field with [[[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager] advertisingIdentifier] UUIDString].

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