Audience Network Bidding Overview

Audience Network to become bidding only in 2021

Audience Network will soon use bidding only to fill ads in your apps. You’ll need to move any apps from waterfall to bidding by the following dates to continue monetizing with Audience Network:

iOS apps: 31 May (extended from 31 March)

Android apps: 30 September

Read more on our Audience Network blog post.

Bidding lets you offer every ad opportunity to multiple demand sources at the same time through an impartial auction. With bidding, you get the best price for each impression without the complicated setup and costly maintenance of the waterfall.

All ad sources simultaneously bid on the impression and the source willing to pay the highest price has a chance to win every time.

How Bidding Compares to Waterfall

Increased ad revenue

When every demand source bids in an open and fair real-time auction you see more competition for your inventory, which means better prices for every impression.

Improved operational efficiency

By removing the burden of maintaining complex waterfalls, bidding helps you increase operational efficiency so your team can focus on driving more impact for your business.

Access to more demand

Bidding allows you to easily add more demand sources, helping you increase competition for your inventory with minimal effect on latency and minimal impact on operational resources.

Ways to Implement Bidding

Partner integration

Uses a third-party mediation platform.

In-house integration

Build your own mediation stack in-house.