Audience Network Ad Formats

This section provides information about the various ad formats used by Audience Network and how to use them in your app.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are the most common type of ad unit and can be placed throughout your app.

Banner Ad Guide

In-Stream Video Ads

Video publishers with in-stream inventory can deliver engaging and highly relevant video ads to their audience across devices.

In-Stream Video Ad Guide

Interstitial Ads

Used during a natural break in the user flow of your app, interstitial ads allow you to create a seamless user experience.

Interstitial ads are full screen ads that can be effective in catching a user’s attention. Many publishers recommend interstitial ads for pauses in game play or times when there is a natural break in your app’s flow.

Interstitial Ad Guide

Native Ads

Customizable formats that fit the look and feel of your app design.

Native Ad Guide

Native Banner Ads

Customizable banner ads that fit the look and feel of your app design.

Native Banner Ad Guide

Rewarded Video Ads

Take your user through an immersive ad experience with an incentive in exchange for a completed video view within a full-screen experience.

Rewarded Video Ad Guide