Audience Network Overview

Audience Network to become bidding only in 2021

Audience Network will soon use bidding only to fill ads in your apps. You’ll need to move any apps from waterfall to bidding by the following dates to continue monetizing with Audience Network:

iOS apps: 31 May (extended from 31 March)

Android apps: 30 September

Read more on our Audience Network blog post.

The developer side of Audience Network helps publishers monetize their app by selling ad space to advertisers.

  • Publishers own an app or website. Publishers can monetize their property by showing ads to their audience.

  • Advertisers create online ads for businesses and services that they are paid to promote. Advertisers buy ad space in a publisher's app or website to promote their brand.

This documentation is intended for publishers.

If you're an advertiser, please check out the Audience Network business site.

Publishers typically see the best payout by auctioning their ad space out to multiple advertisers. There are many different ways to run an auction; the mediation model that you choose will have a huge impact on the coding that you will need to do, as well as the amount of revenue you can generate.

In This Section


Describes how to use Audience Network with partner mediation or in-house mediation.

Ad Formats

Describes the various formats available for Audience Network ads.


Defines key terms that are used in the Audience Network developer documentation.


Contains videos that explain key concepts about Audience Network.