Note: If you are updating your app to support iOS 10, please upgrade to the latest Audience Network SDK for iOS version 4.18+ to avoid disruptions in ad delivery.

Preparing Your Audience Network Integration For App Transport Security (ATS)

App Transport Security (ATS) is a privacy feature introduced in iOS 9. It's enabled by default for new applications and enforces secure connections. This guide will review actions you should take to ensure you are prepared when using the Facebook SDK for iOS.

Our SDK is built to be 100% compliant.

Part of being compliant is leveraging SFSafariViewController for displaying content. SFSafariViewController by default disables ATS. You do not need to enable any exceptions in your configuration for ads to be delivered from Audience Network.

To ensure your Audience Network integration is not disrupted, please take the following actions:

  • Download the new SDK for iOS. We highly recommend SDK version 4.18+ as this will also be compatible with iOS 10.
  • Submit the new version of your app to Apple's app store