Getting Started with Facebook's Audience Network

Facebook's Audience Network allows you to monetize your mobile apps and websites with targeted ads. Audience Network allows you to monetize your property directly or through a mediation provider. Use the guide below that applies to your situation.

Monetize your Property with Direct Integration of Audience Network

For direct integration of Audience Network into your app, select the instructions for your platform:

Monetize your Property using a Mediation Provider

For integration of Audience Network using a mediation provider, follow the instructions below. This method requires that you have a relationship with the mediation provider. If you do not currently use mediation, follow the direct integration instructions above.

Integrate Audience Network using a mediation provider

  1. Register Your Business. If you don't have accounts with Facebook's Business Manager and Monetization Manager, create them using these links:
  2. Collect Monetization Account Information. Collect the following information for configuring your account with your selected mediation provider:
    • Your App ID
      Available for each app from the app dashboard.
    • Your Placement IDs
      As in the third step of the following screenshot of the Monetization Manager.
    • Your System User Token. Instructions for generating a system user token can be found in the System User Token Generation topic.
  3. Setup and configure your app. Each mediation provider will provide an SDK that includes the Facebook Audience Network functionality. Links to mediation providers are listed below.