Get Started with Web

The Audience Network allows you to monetize your websites with Facebook ads. This guide explains how to enable Audience Network demand for Video on Desktop and Mobile Web sites and Display for Mobile Web sites only.

Audience Network for Mobile Web Display is currently only available to select publishers via header bidding. Therefore, you may not have access to this feature in your Facebook app settings.


  • You have a Facebook Audience Network app and placement ID. Please see Getting Started for more information.
  • Your website domain must be submitted and approved before you can go live with your Audience Network implementation. Please see Getting Started for more information.


Instream Video Integration

Guidelines on how to enable AN video demand to monetize your video content


Bidding Best Practices

Header Bidding concepts to guide you through success on Audience Network

Prebid.js Display Bidding

Guidelines on how to setup the AN adapter with the Prebid Wrapper

Bidding Native Format

Instructions on enabling the native format within Header Bidding

Bidding Lazy Loading

Instructions on enabling Lazy Loading within Header Bidding