Get Started with iOS

The Audience Network allows you to monetize your iOS apps with Facebook ads. This guide explains how to integrate the Audience Network SDK in an iOS app.


Ensure that you have the latest Xcode installed.

Please see the FAQ for minimum OS version supported by Audience Network SDK.

App Store Connect for iOS 14

Events that your app collects and sends to Facebook may require you to disclosed these data types in the App Store Connect questionnaire. It is your responsibility to ensure this is reflected in your application’s privacy policy. Visit the Apple App Store Privacy Details article to learn more about the data types you will need to disclose.

Getting Started Steps

Step 1: Download Audience Network SDK

Step 2: Create and Setup Audience Network Sample Project

See Known Issues in the Change Log

Step 1: Download Audience Network SDK

The Audience Network SDK can be downloaded using Cocoapods or manually. Follow these steps to download and include it in your project:

Using Cocoapods

  1. Add the following line to your project's Podfile: pod 'FBAudienceNetwork'
  2. Run pod install.


Step 2: Create and Setup Banner Sample Project

  1. Open XCode, and choose File -> New -> Project ->Single View Application

  2. Set product name to be AudienceNetworkTutorial. Enter your organization name and organization identifier.

    Note that XCode will create a bundle identifier for your project. In this example, the bundle identifier is com.yourcompany.AudienceNetworkTutorial. You will use this bundle identifier later when you submit your app for approval as explained in Submit For Review.

  3. Open the folder where you downloaded the Facebook Audience Network SDK and drag FBAudienceNetwork.framework to your app directory in XCode. Select "Copy Items if needed" and click Finish.

Now You have an empty project with FBAudienceNetwork.framework integrated.

Next Steps

  • Explore our code samples which demonstrate how to use native ads. The NativeAdSample is available as part of the SDK and can be found under the FBAudienceNetwork/samples folder. Open the project with Xcode and run it either on a device or the simulator.