Checklist - mWeb

Business Manager

Ensure you’ve created a Business Manager account. You’ll need this to access Monetization Manager, which is the platform you’ll use to monetize with Audience Network.

When you create a Property, you can access it via the Business Settings in Business Manager, either under the People tab, or under the Data Sources.

If you’ve created a Property but it’s not visible in either Business Manager or Monetization Manager, please contact us.

You can add people to your business and grant them permission to apps and websites in your Business Manager. See our guide to learn how to do this.

You can add people to apps or website in your Business Manager. Once you add a person to this, you can choose the level of permissions to give them. See our guide to find out how to do this.

Business Manager uses a 2-layer permission system that makes sure each person has the access they need. The first level is where you add people to your Business Manager. The second is task-based permissions, where you can grant them access to the Property.

Make sure you’ve given the correct access to the correct people in your business. See our guide for more information.

Finance editors can edit business payment information. You can give them admin access to the Property to allow them to perform any action and view all metrics in Business Manager. Find out how using our guide.

Integration - ad request

The quickest way to test your integration is to test with a device. This testing lets you see both test ads and production ads. You’ll need to make sure your device is treated as a test device by our ad system and not a normal device. Use our guide to find out how to do this.

When you create a new ad placement within an Ad Space for Audience Network, you can choose to manually set CPM targets. Find out more about price settings.

Find your browser below and refer to their guide on how to enable JavaScript:

When setting up the placement, ensure the ad display formats in ad requests match the ad display format in your code. Otherwise, this will result in no fills.

In Monetization Manager, you can set default payment accounts and link your properties with existing or new payment accounts. Use our guide for more information.

Check your tag integration and ensure your test ad is displayed properly in a test html.

If you’re using Google Chrome, refer to their guidance on simulating mobile devices with device mode in Chrome DevTools.

We only show Audience Network ads to people with Facebook profiles. If we’re frequently not bidding on your requests for this reason, it might be because people who are visiting your platform aren't logged into Facebook or don't have tracking enabled.

Check your bid response contains the valid bid id using our guide on how to use Prebid.js's open source wrapper.

If you’re using Google Chrome, refer to Google’s guide to inspecting a page's network activity.

When testing your implementation of Facebook Audience Network, you may experience one of several possible error codes when making a request. Check what they mean using our ad request error guide.

Integration - impression

You should inspect the ad DIV element in the mobile web page.

When an ad is displayed and credited as an impression, Audience Network sends this event to notify the client that the impression is given. You can subscribe to this event to verify and confirm the impression. Also, this event can be used to validate the ad display is displayed properly and is meeting the requirements for the impression.

You can count the numbers of “impress” events as the raw impressions, and compare this to the impressions displayed from the Monetization Manager dashboard. These numbers should match.

Reporting API

Use our guide to make sure you’ve created the System User in Business Manager and added to the Property.

Use our guide to generate a System User Access Token.

When generating a System User Access Token, ensure that you selected read_audience_network_insights to be able to read Audience Network insights.

Ensure the reporting API format is verified using the Graph API Explorer.

Check your web browser to ensure the resolved reporting API is verified.