Facebook Audience Network SDK for Unity Change Log

Change log and release notes for the Facebook SDK for Unity.

Audience Network Unity SDK 4.27.0 - February 2nd, 2018


  • AdChoices Prefab
  • Added simplified banner show method using a top/bottom position instead of raw height
  • Unity 2017 support
  • Native Ad now support all Canvas' render modes


  • Android devices can now show video again
  • Removed Gradle-only Android build restriction - Internal Unity builds are supported again
  • Fixed NativeAd on load callback being called twice

Audience Network Unity SDK 4.22.0 - July 16th, 2017


  • Rewarded video support
  • AdChoices text, image and link data for native ads


  • Internal Unity build are not supported anymore. Builds should be done with Gradle. (Build Settings, select Build System)


  • Fixed rendering issues with native ad cover images (blank or question mark image)
  • Improved viewability checks for native ads (handles different rendering types and object hierarchies far better)
  • Fixed missed impression callbacks on Android