Top-Ranking Lifestyle App Grows Ad Revenue With Audience Network

Mobile app publisher Jump Ramp Games delivers innovative promotions, rewards and instant-win experiences on both iOS and Android. The company’s flagship app, Lucktastic, is consistently among the top-10 lifestyle apps in app store rankings. As a premium content publisher, Jump Ramp also works with developers and brands to run customized marketing campaigns.

Many ad networks in the mobile space only deliver app-install ads for gaming brands, making it difficult for publishers to diversify ad content and engage their audience. Despite its success, Jump Ramp still faced low fill rates and low CPMs in the past due to a lack of personalized, relevant ad offers.

Jump Ramp needed an ad network that could deliver varied ad content with a brand focus, while also offering a more relevant, personalized content experience for gamers. They turned to Audience Network’s diverse demand at scale and native ad solutions for help.

Lucktastic users expect a customized game experience, and that extends to advertising as well. Without the native component, the ‘ad experience’ becomes just that — an ad experience. It was important that we find a network that could provide a monetization solution without negatively affecting our user experience or showing only install ads for games. In addressing these two issues with Facebook’s Audience Network, we saw an immediate lift in engagement as well as CPMs. Many of our users now comment on the quality and relevance of our advertisers.” - Daniel H. Kim, VP, Revenue and Partnerships, Jump Ramp Games

Jump Ramp Games found the Audience Network integration process “painless,” and praised the team for being quick to provide solutions and response to specific needs and timelines. Compared to other mobile ad networks, the company views Audience Network as being among the best in terms of both integration and communication.

And that goes for revenue as well.

“Audience Network is the top performer among our ad network partnerships. The fill rate is more than 30% better than average, CPM is 40% better than average and overall revenue is almost double the next ad network in our app. The revenue from Audience Network allows us to cut down on the number of ads being shown in Lucktastic while still keeping us ahead of monthly revenue goals.” - Daniel H. Kim, VP, Revenue and Partnerships, Jump Ramp Games

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