Audience Network a Key Catalyst For Cheetah Mobile's Revenue Growth.

Cheetah Mobile Inc. is a leading mobile app developer with over 395 million global monthly active users (MAUs) as of December 2014. Their top apps aim to create a speedier, simpler, and safer mobile experience for users worldwide and include Clean Master, CM Security, Battery Doctor, and Photo Grid. In January 2015, App Annie named Cheetah Mobile the number three non-game publisher in the world for Android and iOS, behind only Facebook and Google.

CPMs And User Experience Increase With Native Ads

The Cheetah Mobile team conducted multivariate testing with the Audience Network by placing native ads in multiple areas of their Clean Master app and monitoring feedback left in user reviews and usage metrics. By listening to user comments, a key performance indicator for their business, high performing ad placements were quickly and precisely identified. This led to higher engagement and retention rates among users, as well as sharp increases in CPMs and a substantial increase in overall mobile ad revenue.

“By implementing native ads with Facebook’s Audience Network we’ve been able to create a phenomenal user experience for our 395M global users and have seen more than 2 times the CPMs when compared to other ad networks. The Audience Network has been one of the key catalysts for our mobile revenue growth and remains a fundamental pillar of our future mobile strategy. It truly has proven to be one of the most valuable business relationships for Cheetah Mobile thus far.”

Sheng Fu, CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc.

Leverage The Flexibility of Native Ads to Architect the User Experience

After testing a variety of ad units with Facebook’s Audience Network, Cheetah found that Facebook’s native ads aligned perfectly with the design of their Clean Master app. Cheetah was able to easily integrate the native ads in multiple placements without disrupting their internal workflow or their users’ operational flow. For example, after a user cleans their phone of junk files using the Clean Master app, Cheetah displays a highly targeted native ad, providing a more natural experience for the user while delivering exceptional value to advertisers in terms of engagement. Learn more about how to implement native ads in your app today.

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