MoPub (Open Beta)

This topic explains how to set up the MoPub bidding mediation partner for Audience Network.

Facebook Audience Network is in open beta and all publishers are welcome to go live with Facebook Audience Network Bidding.

For more information, please reference MoPub's Advanced Bidding documentation.

Before You Start

  • Required Facebook SDK Version: 6.2.1 or later (Android | iOS)
  • Required MoPub SDK Version: 5.5.0 or later (Android | iOS)
  • Supported Formats: Banner, Interstitial, Medium Rectangle, Native, Native Banner, Rewarded Video
  • MoPub recommends initializing Audience Network's SDK first and then initiatlizing MoPub as documented here

Migrating from waterfall to bidding

Once you’ve been given access to Advanced Bidding, do the following to start monetizing on bidding:

  1. In the MoPub UI, go to the ad unit against which you want to set up an Advanced Bidding line item for each MoPub ad unit ID. Navigate to the Advanced Bidding submenu.
  2. Set the Advanced Bidding line item at the highest priority to allow the most competition. The Advanced Bidding line item will compete at and below the priority you set.
  3. Click Manage Bidders to set up the placement IDs for each network. Use the existing top revenue placement in Monetization Manager for each ad format and OS when testing bidding.
  4. Send at least one ad request to the Audience Network bidding endpoint to start monetizing.

If you're new to Audience Network

  1. Create properties, ad spaces and placements in Monetization Manager.
  2. Initialize the Audience Network SDK within your Advanced Bidding integration.
  3. Follow the documentation to create and set up Advanced Bidding line items. Please note that we strongly discourage implementing auction floors and auto refresh.
  4. Test your integration.