ironSource (Open Beta)

This topic explains how to set up the ironSource bidding mediation partner for Audience Network.

Before You Start

  • No approval is required to get started with bidding. Learn how to get access to ironSource LevelPlay or Meta Audience Network bidding.
  • Audience Network SDK requirements: 6.2.1 or later (Android | iOS)
  • ironSource SDK requirements: 6.11.0 and above. For the best results, we recommend to update to the latest SDK versions for both Audience Network and ironSource.
  • Supported formats for bidding: Banner, Interstitial, Medium Rectangle, Rewarded video.

You can find more information about getting started on the ironSource website.

How to Set Up Bidding

Read ironSource’s guidance on how to integrate for Android and iOS.

Moving from waterfall to bidding

  • Transfer all ad formats for the same OS from waterfall to bidding.
  • Launch all countries live on waterfall at the same time as bidding.
  • Set up Audience Network bidding for the relevant ad placement with an existing placement ID that’s already in use and yielding the highest revenue. Then, activate it.
  • Update your ironSource account manager and/or Audience Network account manager that you’ve activated bidding

If you’re new to Audience Network

Best practices

  • Use multiple bidding networks: Performance is expected to be stronger when more than one network is participating in the auction.
  • Manage fewer sources: Consider deprecating networks contributing less than 5% share of overall revenue.