Google AdMob (Open Beta)

This topic explains how to set up the AdMob bidding mediation partner for Audience Network.

Before You Start

  • Facebook adapter version: The Facebook adapter version must match the first three digits of the Audience Network SDK version. For example, Audience Network 5.9.0 SDK is compatible with the adapter The last digit in the adapter is reserved for adapter versioning, if there is a newer version available for the same SDK.
  • AdMob Audience Network adapter version: Link to the latest AdMob Audience Network adapters: (Android | iOS | Unity)
  • Supported formats: Banner, Interstitial, Medium Rectangle, Native, Native banner, Rewarded video.

How to Set Up Bidding

See AdMob’s guidance on how to set up for Android and iOS.

Initialize SDK

  1. Initialize the Google Mobile SDK and adapters, by following the instructions for iOS or Android.
  2. Wait for the SDK to finish initializing before sending a bid request.
  3. If you do not do this then the bid request may come in malformed and your requests will appear under an 'Unknown' platform in the monetization dashboard with 0 Bid Response.
  4. Use AdMob's listeners and callback functions to confirm initializing is finished.
  5. Make bid requests and load ads.

Moving from waterfall to bidding

  • Use the existing top revenue tag placement for bidding, and for each ad format and OS.
  • In your reporting dashboard, filter by placement type (for example, Rewarded Video) and Estimated Revenue highest to lowest
  • Choose the placement with the highest revenue for that placement type
  • Use that Placement ID in the AdMob Open Bidding section of your Mediation Group
  • When you convert your top placement to bidding, you should use that same placement in the Waterfall section below Open Bidding as a default for inventory that is not monetizable through bidding. The mediation platform will handle defaulting to waterfall in such cases. The volume of inventory that will continue to be monetized via waterfall will depend on the composition of your traffic.

If you’re new to Audience Network

  1. Create a new placement in Monetization Manager. Copy the placement ID for the next steps.
  2. Add a new Facebook Open Bidding entry in your mediation group using the placement ID.
  3. Add a waterfall entry in the mediation group using the same placement id.

For instructions on how to generate a System User Access Token to be used in the AdMob Dashboard see directions here.


We recommend testing your integration before releasing your app. Complete the following steps to get bidding test ads is your app:

  • Add your Device ID to the Testing section of your Monetization Dashboard.
  • Send a test bid request to Facebook using AdMob's Mediation Test Suite. Android , iOS, Unity
  • (Only iOS/Unity) Set Audience Network's ATE flag to True for testing.