Migrations are reserved for special scenarios where changes need to be made that cannot go into versioning. Typically this is if the underlying data model has changed. Migrations will apply across all versions.

Migrations that are currently still in progress are listed on our migrations page. Migrations have at least a 90-day window during which you must migrate your app. Once a window begins, the post-migration behavior will become the default for new apps. Then, when the migration window is completed, the pre-migration behavior will no longer be available at all.

You can find info about completed migrations in a separate section of our roadmap.

Managing Migrations via Graph API

Migrations can be managed via the migrations field in the /app node:

You can make an update call on the edge to activate and deactivate migrations.

Managing Migrations via App Dashboard

You can activate and deactivate available migrations in the App Dashboard under Settings > Migrations. Please note, that the list of migrations may not be the same as in the image below, as the available migrations are differernt for different apps, at different time. And if you see a migration Use Graph API v2.0 by default, it is for Graph API only, not Marketing API.