With the release of Graph API version 2.11, the Follow Button is deprecated. For Graph API versions 2.10 and under, the Follow Button will be supported until February 5, 2018.

Follow Button

The Follow button lets people subscribe to the public updates of others on Facebook.

There is something wrong with the configurator


The configurator doesn't include all possible settings for your Follow button. You can also change the following settings:

Setting HTML5 Attribute Description Default



The color scheme used by the plugin. Can be "light" or "dark".




The Facebook.com profile URL of the user to follow.




If your web site or online service, or a portion of your service, is directed to children under 13 you must enable this




Selects one of the different layouts that are available for the plugin. Can be one of "standard", "button_count", or "box_count". See the FAQ for more details.




Specifies whether to display profile photos below the button (standard layout only). You must not enable this on child-directed sites.




The button is offered in 2 sizes i.e. "large" and "small"




The width of the plugin. The layout you choose affects the minimum and default widths you can use, please see the FAQ below for more details.

Depends on layout


I'm not sure what the Facebook profile URL is?

After clicking on the button, someone see the profile of the person that wants to be followed, and their browser shows the URL you should use in the address bar.

For example, when someone views the personal profile of Mark Zuckerberg, the URL shown in the address bar is:


This is the URL you should use as the href value in your Follow button.

I get a "Page not found" error when I enter a valid profile URL

There are a few things you can check when this happens:

  1. Is the profile URL you are using actually a personal profile and not a Facebook Page? Pages should instead use the Like button
  2. Does the person whose profile you are using with the Follow button have following enabled? You can check this by having the person check their Follower Settings and enable them.
  3. Use the alternate profile URL with that person's User ID instead of their username. For example http://www.facebook.com/4 instead of http://www.facebook.com/zuck.

What are the different layout types?

There are three options:

Layout Default Sizes


Minimum width: 225 pixels.
Default width: 450 pixels.
Height: 35 pixels (without photos) or 80 pixels (with photos).


Minimum width: 55 pixels.
Default width: 55 pixels.
Height: 65 pixels.


Minimum width: 90 pixels.
Default width: 90 pixels.
Height: 20 pixels.