With the release of the Facebook SDK version 4.28.0, App Invites is deprecated. It will be supported until February 5, 2018.

Sending App Invites

You can integrate App Invites into your app in place where people want to invite friends to your app. When the person taps the Invite button, you can trigger the flow to send invites.

The person who wants to send invitations sees a UI flow where they can select the recipients and add a personalized message to the invite.

As the app developer, you can also include an image as part of the invite. If someone selects multiple recipients, each recipeint will receive an individual invite. Once the invite is sent or canceled, the person will return back to the app.

Facebook Login is not required for app invites because the experience takes place in the Facebook native mobile app. As a result, you should check to make sure this feature is available and hide the flow if it isn't.

Technical details on how to do this are in the iOS implementation and Android implementation sections.

App Invites does not require Facebook Login.

Receiving Invites

People receive a Facebook notification for each invite sent to them. When they tap on a notification they see an inbox which contains all their recent invites. Invites eventually expire and will no longer appear in this area over time. People can also find their invitation inbox by a mobile bookmark in the Facebook app.

If the person already has the app installed or has already received an invite, they will not receive any further notifications.

If a person receives multiple invites from the same app, the invitations are aggregated as a list side-by-side. People can swipe this list so they can view each invite separately.

The invite contains a personalized message, the image sent with the invite and a call-to-action to install the app. If a recipient clicks the Install, we will present the App Store dialog. Once we've detected the install has completed, we will send a Facebook notification indicating the app is ready to be used.

If the person already has the app installed, the call-to-action will be Open and tapping this button will switch the person to the app.

People can block all invites from a person or from a particular app.

App Invites notifications will only show up in the recipient's Facebook notifications on mobile platforms, not on desktop web.