With the release of the Facebook SDK version 4.28.0, App Invites is deprecated. It will be supported until February 5, 2018.

Facebook Analytics for Invites

Use Facebook Analytics to measure the performance of invites to your app. To get started open Facebook Analytics and navigate to Invites in the Integrations tab.

App Invites dashboard in Facebook Analytics

Tracking Installs

Attributing installs for App Invites relies on the activateApp App Event. In order to see accurate installation figures on the analytics dashboard you will need to be logging this event correctly.

Visit the relevant documentation for each channel you are using App Invites on, linked below, to learn more.

activateApp for each Channel:


Funnel Analysis

You can view each stage of the app invites funnel from the dialog open to the invite accept. This allows you to identify problems and address them faster.

Segment by Channel

You can break down each view by channel to further explore conversions at each stage.