There may be differences between your version of AR Studio and this tutorial because the product is currently in beta and we update it regularly.

Changing the Shapes of Faces

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Previously we explained how to insert a face mesh and use it as the basis for a mask. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to change the shape of faces in your scene by applying deformations to the face mesh.

Deformation blend shapes must be created in external 3D modeling programs, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we've provided one for you. You can use the Face Reference Assets in the Help menu to create your own deformation blend shapes.

Please download the sample content to follow along.

If you open the finished effect in the sample content folder, you'll see that the effect you're going to build makes faces look very small.

Inserting and Editing Face Meshes

To get started, open AR Studio and create a new project. The first thing you need is the face mesh, because this is what you'll apply the deformation to. So click Insert, select 3D Objects, and click Face Mesh. You should see a face mesh in the Viewport and the Simulator and listed in the Scene tab as the child of a face tracker. The face tracker was inserted by default, so that the face mesh would track your face automatically.

Applying Deformations

Next, you'll need to apply the deformation. To do this, make sure the face mesh is selected in the Scene tab, go to the Inspector panel and click the plus sign next to Deformation. Then, select the 3D object from the sample content folder. The face in your scene should now have changed shape. This is because a face warp material was automatically created from the morph object that you inserted and applied to the face mesh.

To adjust the intensity of the deformation, go to Blend Shapes and move the slider until you're happy with the result in the Viewport and Simulator. For this effect, we're going to move it to 70%.

If you look at the Viewport, you'll see that the eyes and mouth look covered. To change this, inspect the properties of the face mesh, go to Eyes and Mouth below Properties and uncheck both boxes.

Congratulations, you've just created your first effect with a face transformation!


To recap, you've learned how to edit a face mesh and apply and adjust a deformation mesh.