There may be differences between your version of Spark AR Studio and this tutorial because the product is currently in beta and we update it regularly.

Tutorial: Adding a Hand Tracker

In this tutorial, you'll learn to track an object to a person's hand.

You'll also learn:

  1. How to insert a 3D object.
  2. How to apply textures and materials to an object.
  3. A quicker way to insert complete files into a scene.

Download the sample content to follow along. If you open the finished effect, you'll see that when you wave your hand, it looks like you're holding a baseball.

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Inserting a Hand Tracker

Open Spark AR Studio and create a new project. To see what an effect that uses Hand Tracking looks like, you'll need to switch on your webcam by clicking Video then FaceTime HD Camera in the Toolbar.

Click Insert and select Hand Tracker from the menu, then click Insert.

When your hand is in view of the Camera, you should see an axis tracking your hand in the Viewport.

You should also see handtracker0 listed in the Scene tab on the left. This tab lets you manage the hierarchy of objects in your scene. The Hand Tracker will be inserted by default in the right position.

Tracking an object to a hand

Next, you'll need to insert an object.

On handtracker0, Click Insert. Select 3D Object and select baseball.fbx from the sample folder.

In the Scene tab you'll now see an object nested under the Handtracker, called baseball. This object has a container with a mesh nested under it, also called baseball.

If you raise your hand, you'll see a sphere tracking your hand.

In this tutorial, the sphere isn't the right size. We've changed this by clicking the container and changing the Scale in the Inspector panel to 1 for the X, Y and Z axis.

Applying a Texture

To make the object look like a baseball you'll need to apply 2 textures.

First, click the baseball mesh in the Scene tab. Then, in the Inspector panel, click baseballMaterial. You'll see baseballMaterial is now listed in the Asset panel.


  1. Click baseballMaterial in the Asset panel.
  2. In the Inspector panel, click Choose File... next to Texture.
  3. Select baseball_normal.png from the sample folder - this texture will make the ball look more realistic by creating the impression of a textured, 3D surface.

Next, to add colors to the baseball:

  1. Make sure baseballMaterial is selected in the Asset panel.
  2. Select New Image Texture from the drop down menu next to Texture.
  3. Select baseball_texture.png from the sample content.

Finally, tick the box for Specular. This will give the ball a shiny effect.

Uploading Files Quickly

You can drag and drop an object file containing all the materials and textures you need from your computer directly into Spark AR studio.

We've provided a complete file in the sample content - just drag the file into the Asset panel.

To make the baseball appear in the scene, drag and drop the file onto the Hand Tracker.

Achieving More Complex Effects

You can also use scripting to achieve more complicated effects. For example, to assign an object's coordinates to the hand.