Sample Effect: Face Distortion

Learn to create the Face Distortion effect!

This effect is one of our featured templates. You can find it by opening Spark AR Studio and selecting Samples, or by downloading the sample content. The sample project includes a 3D object called the Face Distortion Pack. This is a collection of blend shapes, created in a 3D modeling program.

Use the Face Distortion Pack in your own effects to change the shape of faces in lots of different ways. Or, follow these steps to apply any blend shape in your own effects.

Building the Effect

If you want to build this effect yourself, open the unfinished effect in the sample content folder.

The face mesh is a 3D model of a face. It works with the face tracker to create a surface that reconstructs someone's expressions. We'll use blend shapes to change the shape of the face mesh, creating the distorted effect.

To add the face distortion effect:

  1. Add a face mesh, as a child of the face tracker.
  2. Select the face mesh, and go to Deformation in the Inspector panel.
  3. Click + next to Deformation and select the face_distortion_pack.

Adjusting the Distortion Effect

Under Blend Shapes you'll see a list of 14 different options - from changing the size of someone's eyes to completely changing the shape of the face.

If you'd applied your own object to the face mesh, you'd see a different list of options here.

Adjust the Blend Shape sliders until you're happy with the effect.

In the Finished Effect

Find out what's happening in the finished effect.


The face_distortion_pack is a file containing 14 different objects. These are Blendshapes, which can be used to deform the shape of the face in different ways.

The Scene tab

We've added a face tracker and 2 face mesh.

facemesh_distortion has the morph object applied to it.

We've added retouching to facemesh_retouch.