Creating a Target AR Effect

In Spark AR Studio you can create effects that are triggered when the camera is pointed at an image in the real world, for example a poster for a movie. You'll use the target tracker to do this.

Learn about:

Adding a target tracker

Start by adding a target tracker:

  1. Click Add Object.
  2. Select Target Tracker from the menu.

Adding the target texture

In the Inspector you'll see the target tracker's properties. To add a target texture:

  1. Next to Texture, click Choose File....
  2. From your computer select the texture file that you want to trigger the effect.

You should see the texture appear in the Viewport.

Adding the effect that will be triggered by the target

All you need to do now is add the effect you want to trigger when the camera is pointed at the image in the real world.

To do this, simply add the objects, effects or animations you want to appear as a child of the target tracker.

Creating a patch

To create a patch, drag the target tracker from the Scene panel into the Patch Editor.

A series of 3 patches will be created:

  • Target Finder will find a target image when the camera is pointed at it.
  • Target Select will output a boolean signal when a target is detected by Target Finder.
  • staticTargetTracker can output the position, scale and rotation of the target in 3D space, and whether a target has been found.

Best practice

Target tracking works best with images that have a lot of visual features. Images that work well have:

  • Many sharp angles.
  • High contrast - both color and black and white images can be used.
  • A resolution of at least 300x300 pixels - test various sizes to see what works best.
  • Lots of unique features that don't repeat very often.

When you're tracking an image, try to make sure there's sufficient light or that the image isn't displayed on a screen (example: computer, television)