Setting up Instagram Accounts for Effect Distribution

Individual creators that are part of our closed Beta program can publish effects to Instagram.

To publish an effect to Instagram, your Instagram account must be connected to a personal Facebook account, not a Page. The Facebook account the Instagram account is connected to will be the 'effect owner'.

Use these guidelines to:

  • Choose owners for Instagram Effects.
  • Set up your Instagram account for effect distribution.
  • Learn about who can see your effect.

Choosing an Effect Owner

The owner is the Facebook profile that will manage the effect.

The Instagram account linked to that Facebook profile will determine 2 things:

  • The followers of the Instagram account will be able to discover the effect in the Instagram camera while browsing through effects.
  • The effect will be attributed to this Instagram account, which means the account's name and profile picture will appear alongside the effect in the Instagram camera.

Setting up Your Instagram Account for Effect Distribution

If your account is connected to a Facebook Page, you'll need to disconnect it, then reconnect it to a personal profile. Follow these steps to disconnect your account.

You can then link your Instagram account to the Facebook profile that will manage the effect (the 'effect owner'). This allows you to choose the Instagram account whose followers will be able to discover the effect.

You can link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile by following these instructions. This will allow you to use your Facebook profile to manage the effect. You can only connect one Facebook profile to each Instagram account.

You'll need to refresh Spark Hub after you link your Instagram account.

During Beta, you should only publish effects to Instagram accounts that represent you as the owner. Effects submitted to other Instagram accounts won't be approved during the review process.

Who Can See Your Effect

Followers of the Instagram accounts you select will be able to see your effect when browsing in the Instagram camera.

If someone shares a story using your effect, a “Try It” button will be displayed on the story. Anyone can try the effect by clicking the “Try It” button, not just the followers of the account.