Animating 3D Objects

Use the animation playback controller to easily set when a 3D object with animations plays, stops and pauses in your effect.

You can use other animation patches to create more complex effects.

Adding an Animation Playback Controller

To create an animation controller:

  1. Select the 3D Object in the Scene tab.
  2. Next to Animation, select Create New Animation Playback Controller.

The animation playback controller will be listed in the Assets panel:

You'll need to assign the animation that you want to control with the playback controller to the playback controller. To do this:

  1. Select the animation playback controller in the Assets panel.
  2. In the Inspector panel, click the dropdown next to Animation.
  3. Select the animation you want to control.

The playback controller will be set to Play on Start and Loop by default, so the animation will start as soon as the effect opens, and loop continuously.

Configuring the Playback Controller

Use the options in the Inspector panel to configure the playback controller.

Clicking the circles next to Stop, Play and Pause will create patches, which you can use to add logic and interactivity:

In the example below we've turned off the option to Play On Start. Instead, we've created patches for Play and Pause. We've combined these with the Screen Tap, Switch and Pulse patches.

As a result, when the screen is tapped the animation will switch between playing and pausing.

Animation Playback Controller - Properties


Choose an animation to control with the playback controller.


This will always say animation, because it's a playback controller that controls animations.


The duration of the animation.


Create a patch to control when the animation starts to play.


Create a patch to control when the animation pauses.


Create a patch to control when the animation stops.

Play on Start

Check this box to play the animation when the effect is opened.


Check this box to continuously loop the animation.


Use this slider to adjust the speed of the animation.

Used By

The 3D object that contains the animation.