Inserting Patches

Inserting producers

To insert a producer patch:

  1. Go to the Scene tab and select your object
  2. Click + next to Actions in the Inspector panel
  3. Select the patch or combination of patches you want from the menu

You can also drag the object from the Scene tab and drop it in the Patch Editor directly.

Inserting consumers

To insert a consumer patch:

  1. Go to the Scene tab and select the object you want to affect
  2. Go to Properties in the Inspector panel
  3. Click the dot next to the property you want to drive

If you click on a particular property in the Inspector panel, it will focus on the relevant consumer patch in the graph.

Inserting intermediaries

To insert an intermediary patch:

  1. Double-click anywhere in the Patch Editor
  2. Find the patch you want to insert from the menu
  3. Click Insert

Tip: You can rename a patch by double-clicking its name. This can help keep you organized in more complicated work.