The Simulator

The Simulator represents your device screen - for example a mobile or tablet. It will show how your effect looks when someone's using it.

It looks like a mobile phone, and by default is docked at the bottom right of the Viewport - the middle section of the Spark AR Studio interface.

You can:

  • Change its position - by clicking and dragging it somewhere else in the Viewport.
  • Make it bigger - by clicking once anywhere inside it.

Using the Simulator

Click inside the Simulator to see the Menu bar. Use the options on the Menu bar to:

  • Preview different compression settings - find out more about using the Simulator to preview compression.
  • Switch between simulating the front or back camera of a phone, and portrait and landscape views.
  • Rotate the Simulator.
  • Simulate someone's touch on a screen - click the Actions button and select Simulate Touch. You'll be able to use your mouse to see what will happen when someone taps your effect.

You can also rotate the camera and simulate touch using keyboard shortcuts.