AR Studio supports the use of text in projects. Text is a 2D object provided to render text in your scene.

When your effect is displayed in the camera, text you've added won't be translated into other languages. Dynamic text is also rendered in American English.

Text will automatically be inserted as a child of a canvas.

To adjust a text object's properties:

  1. Click on the text object in the Scene tab.
  2. Go to the Inspector panel.


Alignment moves the text object around within the parent object. Text objects can be aligned to the top, center, bottom, left and right.



Uncheck this box to stop the text object from being rendered in the scene.


Edit the size of the text object in the scene.


Enter the text you want to see in the scene.


Using Flexibility will scale a text object's width and height proportionately to it's parent - so if you double the size of the parent, the text will double in size too. This means text will stay in proportion on all devices, if the parent canvas is in screen space.

Flexibility needs to be turned on. Do this by clicking the arrows next to Flexibility in the Inspector panel.


Pinning a text object will mean it maintains the same distance to its parent's border, however much you transform the parent.

Text objects can be pinned to the top, bottom, left and right.



Enter the text you want to add.

Editable Text

Check this box to allow people using your effect to customize the text. When checked, you may add a placeholder using the placeholder field indicating that the text is editable.

Dynamic Text

Insert a token into the Text box to show personalized text using mobile device data, like current city or the day of the week, in your project.


Select from a wide variety of pre-installed fonts, including ones with typographical emphasis, such as bold or italics.

Font Size

Change the size of the font you're using.


Select which color you want your font to be from the color palette.

H Alignment

Choose from left, center or right horizontal alignment for your text.

V Alignment

Choose from top, middle or bottom vertical alignment for your text.

Max Lines

Set the largest number of lines you'll allow for this text object.


Alter the position of the text in your scene. There's no Z position because text is a 2D object.


Create a material for your text to add a custom texture.

Custom Fonts

The Custom Font feature in AR Studio lets you embed and reference your own fonts in your project. This is useful for making sure the text in your effect adheres to your brand guidelines or rendering languages that aren't supported by the pre-installed fonts.

To import a custom font:

  1. Go to Project in the menu bar, select Edit Properties and then Capabilities
  2. Click + and add the Custom Font capability
  3. Go to the Assets panel, click + and then Import Assets... and choose your custom font file from your computer
  4. Inspect the properties of your text object and select your custom font from the Font menu


  • Please check the supported file formats.
  • You must have the appropriate rights to redistribute the font with your effect.