Submitting Effects to Spark AR Hub

Once you’re happy with your effect, you can submit it to Spark AR Hub to be published. Effects can either be published to Facebook or Instagram.

Before people can use your effect it'll be reviewed to make sure it meets the Camera Effects Platform Policies and Terms, as well as Instagram's Community Guidelines. This usually takes a couple of days, but can take up to a week - excluding weekends.

Before you submit an effect

Whether you’re submitting an effect to Facebook or Instagram, you’ll need:

  1. To have created an effect icon and chose a name for your effect.
  2. The .arexport file created when you exported your project.
  3. To have checked your effect meets our policies and guidelines.

For Facebook, you’ll need:

  • A video of your effect being used.

For Instagram, you’ll need:

Submitting effects

To submit an effect:

  1. Go to Spark AR Hub.
  2. Click Upload Effect in the top right.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Selecting an effect destination

When you’re uploading an effect, you’ll be asked to select an Effect Destination:

This is where you’ll choose whether your effect will appear in the Facebook or Instagram camera.

Scheduling and targeting

All effects are available to the public once they've been reviewed. To control the publication date and time of your effect and the length of time it's available for, you can add scheduling details when you upload it.

To help your effect reach the right audience, you can add keywords to it during the upload process.

Next steps