Segmentation separates people in the foreground from the background. It only works with people from the chest upwards in the immediate foreground.

Once you've used segmentation to separate a person from the background, you can replace or modify the background. For example, you could use segmentation and texture extraction to replace the background of your scene with a custom texture.

Using Segmentation

To use segmentation:

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Select Segmentation.
  3. Click Insert.

You should now see segmentation listed in the Scene tab. You can't see it in the viewport, but segmentation has created an outline around the person in the scene.

When segmentation is selected in the Scene tab you'll be able to see its properties in the Inspector panel.


Texture Extraction

Turn the segmented area into a reusable texture.

Edge Softness

Segmentation creates an outline around the person identified in the scene. Use Edge Softness to blur or soften this outline.

Mask Size

Adjust the outline of the person in the scene.

Segmentation Capability

When you insert segmentation, the capability is added automatically. Without it you wouldn't be able to separate people from the background.