Metrics for Instagram Effects

Metrics are available from October 25, 2018 onward.

Viewing metrics

To see metrics for effects you've published to Instagram:

  1. Go to Spark AR Hub.
  2. Click your effect to open the effect details.
  3. Click Performance in the left sidebar.

You'll see Impressions for your effect.


Impressions are the number of times an effect was shown on screen.

This includes when an effect is shown while someone is trying it out in the Instagram camera, and when the effect is displayed in a shared story.

Impressions are also broken down by channel. You can see the number of times an effect was shown:

  • In the Instagram camera - Camera impressions.

  • In Instagram stories - Story impressions.

The metrics currently don't include impressions of effects used in Live video or direct messages.

When metrics become available

You'll need to wait a few hours after an effect goes live to start seeing metrics.

Breakdowns for impressions won't be visible until their event count exceeds 100.

If your effect hasn't reached these counts, the breakdown will be displayed as Unknown.