Navigating the Interface


The Toolbar is at the top of the window. Use it to insert objects, control the Viewport, run scripts, preview effects on your mobile device and export a project to upload it to the Camera Effects Platform.

Viewport and Simulator

The Viewport is the middle section of AR Studio. By default, the Simulator is docked in the bottom right of the Viewport. Use the Viewport and the Simulator to visualize and interact with a scene you're building.


Every object that you insert into your project will be listed in the Scene tab. Use this tab to manage the hierarchy of objects in your scene.


The Layers tab lists all of the layers in your scene. Use this tab to control the 3D render order and mode of objects in your scene.


Use the Assets panel to import and manage files you've created in other programs and materials that you've created in AR Studio.


The Inspector panel is on the right. It lists the current properties of the object, asset or layer that's selected and provides you with the tools to edit those properties.


The Console is at the bottom of the window and appears when a script is running or when it's opened. Use it to check the output of a script that you're running.

Patch Editor

The Patch Editor is also at the bottom of the window. To open it, click View in the menu bar, then select Show Patch Editor. Use it to insert and edit visual programming patches.