Hand Tracker

Use the hand tracker to create an effect that responds to someone's hand.

You can only add one hand tracker to a scene. The hand needs to be quite close to the camera for the hand tracker to respond to it - it won't track hands of people far away.

To insert a hand tracker:

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Select Hand Tracker.
  3. Click Insert.

Hand Tracker Properties

When you've selected the hand tracker in the Scene tab, you'll see its properties in the Inspector panel:


Uncheck this box to stop the hand tracker and any children from being rendered in the scene.


Insert simple combinations of patches into the Patch Editor.

Enable For

Choose the camera or cameras on a mobile device that you want to render the hand tracker and its children in.

Using scripting

You can use scripting to achieve other effects with a hand tracker - for example, assigning an object's coordinates to the hand.

For scripting the object should be dragged into Camera, and out of Focal Distance.