3D Text

You can add 3D text to effects in Spark AR Studio, including adding your own custom fonts.

Text will be rendered in American English - it won't be translated into other languages.

Inserting 3D Text

To insert text:

  1. Click Insert.
  2. Select 3D Text.
  3. Click Insert

Making Changes to Text

When you select a 3D text object in the Scene tab, you'll be able to make changes to its properties in the Inspector panel. For example, how it's arranged in the scene, what it says, and how it looks.

3D Text - Properties


Uncheck this box to stop the text object from being rendered in the scene.


Change the depth of 3D text.



Enter your text.


Check this box to let people customize the text in your effect. Checking this box will let you add placeholder text - to tell someone the text is editable.

Dynamic Text

Insert a token into the Text box to show personalized text using mobile device data, like current city or the day of the week. Dynamic text is rendered in American English.


Choose a pre-installed font.


Change the position, scale and rotation of the text. You can also use the Manipulators to do this.

Face and Side Material

Add a material to the front and side of the text.

Enable for

Choose whether text is visible in the front camera or back camera.

Check the box next to Preview to show text when someone is previewing an effect.

Check the box next to Capture to only capture text when an image or film is taken.