The Approval Process

Once you've submitted your effect, it will be reviewed. This usually takes 1 business day, but can take up to a week - excluding weekends.

The Approval Process

We review every effect to make sure they follow our community standards and platform policies.

We also make sure the effect icon follows our guidelines.

If you're submitting an effect for Instagram

If you're submitting an effect to Instagram, we test its performance on mobile devices to avoid poor experiences for users.

Make sure the effect has an FPS of at least:

  1. 24, on an iPhone 7.
  2. 20, on a Nexus 5 or similar device.

You can use the Spark AR Player to check the frame rate. It's also worth taking a look at our tips for keeping the size of your effect as small as possible.

When your Effect will be Visible

Until the effect is approved, it won't be visible to the public. However, you can share a link to the effect with your friends and followers.

If your effect is accepted, you'll be notified on Facebook and in the Spark AR Hub.

If your Effect is Rejected

If your effect is rejected, you'll also be notified. Review our community standards and platform policies, edit your effect in Spark AR Studio and submit it again.