The AnimationModule class implements object animation.


// The following example demonstrates how to animate the properties of an object
// using drivers and samplers.
// Project setup:
// - Insert a plane

// Load in the required modules
const Animation = require('Animation');
const FaceTracking = require('FaceTracking');
const Scene = require('Scene');

// Enable async/await in JS [part 1]
(async function() {

  // Locate the plane in the Scene
  const [plane] = await Promise.all([

  // Animate the plane's vertical scale according to mouth openness

  // Store a reference to the mouth openness signal of a detected face
  const mouthOpenness = FaceTracking.face(0).mouth.openness;

  // Create a value driver using the mouth openness with the output normalized and
  // clamped between 0.1 and 0.6
  const mouthOpennessDriver = Animation.valueDriver(mouthOpenness, 0.1, 0.6);

  // Create a sampler with a linear change from 1 to 2
  const linearSampler = Animation.samplers.linear(1, 2);

  // Create an animation combining the driver and sampler
  const scaleAnimation = Animation.animate(mouthOpennessDriver, linearSampler);

  // Bind the scale animation signal to the y-axis scale signal of the plane
  plane.transform.scaleY = scaleAnimation;

  // Animate the plane's horizontal position continuously

  // Create a set of time driver parameters
  const timeDriverParameters = {
    // The duration of the driver
    durationMilliseconds: 1500,

    // The number of iterations before the driver stops
    loopCount: Infinity,

    // Should the driver 'yoyo' back and forth
    mirror: true

  // Create a time driver using the parameters
  const timeDriver = Animation.timeDriver(timeDriverParameters);

  // Create a sampler with a quadratic change in and out from -5 to 5
  const quadraticSampler = Animation.samplers.easeInOutQuad(-5, 5);

  // Create an animation combining the driver and sampler
  const translationAnimation = Animation.animate(timeDriver, quadraticSampler);

  // Bind the translation animation signal to the x-axis position signal of the plane
  plane.transform.x = translationAnimation;

  // Start the time driver (unlike value drivers this needs to be done explicitly)

// Enable async/await in JS [part 2]


(get) samplers: SamplerFactory
(set) (Not Available)

Specifies an instance of a SamplerFactory object.


animate(driver: Driver, sampler: ScalarSampler): ScalarSignal
animate(driver: Driver, sampler: ArrayOfScalarSamplers): ArrayOfScalarSignals
animate(driver: Driver, sampler: RotationSampler): QuaternionSignal
animate(driver: Driver, sampler: ColorSampler): RgbaSignal

Combines the driver and the sampler to create a signal that can be used to animate arbitrary properties of arbitrary objects.

For TimeDriver-based animations the animation will start only when TimeDriver.start is invoked.
timeDriver(timeDriverParams: {durationMilliseconds: number, loopCount: ?number, mirror: ?boolean}): TimeDriver

Returns a TimeDriver object that drives an animation for the specified parameters.
loopCount defines the number of iterations before the time driver stops; this can be infinity.
When mirror is TRUE, the time driver follows a *yoyo* effect with every odd iteration going forwards and every even iteration going backwards.
valueDriver(value: ScalarSignal, min: number, max: number): ValueDriver

Returns a ValueDriver object that drives an animation based on values emitted from a ScalarSignal. The signal values are normalized and clamped to maximum and minimum values.


ArrayOfScalarSamplersThe ArrayOfScalarSamplers class describes an array of scalar samplers.
ArrayOfScalarSignalsThe ArrayOfScalarSignals class describes an array of scalar signals.
ColorSamplerThe ColorSampler class encapsulates a color sampler.
DriverThe Driver class encapsulates an animation driver.
RotationSamplerThe RotationSampler class is an animation sampler for object rotation.
SamplerFactoryThe SamplerFactory class creates different types of animation samplers.
ScalarSamplerThe ScalarSampler class encapsulates a scalar value sampler.
SignalRecordThe SignalRecord class encapsulates recording data for a value signal
SignalRecorderThe SignalRecorder class enables recording and playback of signal values
TimeDriverThe TimeDriver class controls an animation.
ValueDriverThe ValueDriver class controls an animation value.