Using the Command Line Tool

Use the command line tool to automate workflows in Spark AR Studio.

At the moment, you can only use the command line tool to batch export projects.

Finding the command line tool

On Mac, the tool is located inside the app bundle.

Spark AR

On Windows, the tool is inside the install folder:

Spark AR Studio\sparkTerminalBinaryWindows.exe

Using the tool to batch export projects

First navigate to the tool's location.

Use the commands below to batch export projects:


Spark AR


C:\Program Files\Spark AR Studio\sparkTerminalBinaryWindows.exe

Replace both Paths with the path to your project file and output directory where you want to save the exported project.

Enabling a structured output

The tool supports structured output (i.e., JSON) which means it can be driven by scripts in a robust way.

To enable structured output, just add --output-format=json to the command line parameters.

For example, you can execute:

./sparkTerminalAppleMac export --output-format=json

Getting help

You can use export --help to get more information on the export command.