Updating AR Studio

To improve AR Studio based on your feedback, we release a new version every other week. It's important that you read the Changelog before you update.

Once we release a new version, you won't be able to upload new effects that you created with an older one. To continue submitting effects, you must update AR Studio.

To check for available updates:

  1. Open AR Studio and go to the menu bar
  2. Click AR Studio
  3. Select Check for Updates...

If an update is available, AR Studio will download it and you'll be asked to install it and relaunch. Please make sure that you save your work before you download the update.

If there's no update to download, AR Studio will let you know that you're running the latest version.

You may also need to update your effects from time to time.

Archiving versions

You can archive old versions of AR Studio when updating to newer versions. When you have version archiving turned on, older versions will be stored in your Applications folder. This allows you to choose whether you want to continue working on effects in the version they were started in or if you'd like to update them to a newer version of AR Studio.

To change your archive setting:

  1. Click AR Studio in the menu bar
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Click Updates
  4. Click to check or uncheck the box next to Archive previous versions when updating

If you have version archiving turned on, opening a project in a newer version than it was created in will prompt you to do one of the following:

  • Upgrade the file to the current version of AR Studio
  • Open the file in its original version, if installed
  • Download the original version, if not installed

Opening a project in an older version that it was created in will prompt you to either:

  • Open the file in the correct version, if installed
  • Download the correct version, in not installed