Technical Guidelines and Optimization in Spark AR Studio

This guide covers a range to ways to improve the performance of your effect. It also outlines technical guidelines for imported objects and textures.

The highest impact changes you can make are to reduce the number of capabilities in your project, reduce the size of 3D objects and optimize your use of textures.

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Technical Guidelines

These are the maximum limits for object count, texture resolution, triangle count and height for 3D objects. You should follow these limits below, as well as the optimization guidelines on this page, to strike a balance between quality and performance.

We recommended adding no more than 50 objects to a scene.

The maximum resolution for a texture is 1024 px x 1024 px. Any textures you add to a project that are larger than this will be automatically resized.

When importing 3D objects, please note that:

  • The maximum number of vertices per object should be below 20,000.
  • The total triangle count for all objects in an effect should be below 50,000.
  • The height should be between 1 centimeter (min) and 5 metres (max).

Reducing the Impact of Capabilties and Features

Capabilities and features, for example face tracking and audio, are added automatically to your project as you build an effect. The more capabilities you add, the higher the impact on performance.

To check which capabilities are in your project:

  1. Select Project in the menu bar.
  2. Select Edit Properties....
  3. Select Capabilities.

Optimizing 3D Objects

Find out more about reducing the impact 3D objects have on the performance of your effect.

Optimizing Textures

As well as the suggestions on this page, experimenting with different compression settings can have a big impact on the performance of your effect. Find out more about compression in Spark AR Studio.

Reducing and Optimizing Scene Objects

These are the objects listed in the Scene tab.

Reducing the Impact of Lights

Patches and Scripting