Exported Effect Size Limits in Spark AR Studio

We've set some limits on package sizes for effects exported from Spark AR Studio, to help make sure effects perform well across different devices.

Bundle Size

The .arexport bundle that's exported on to your computer must be 20MB or smaller.

File Size

You'll need to check the size of individual files in the bundle.

You can find the file size for individual bundles by clicking Export in the Toolbar in Spark AR Studio.

You'll see:

  1. A Total size for each bundle
  2. A Download size for each bundle - this is the file size you need to check.

If you're submitting an effect to Facebook we recommend keeping the Download size under 2MB for each bundle. This will mean your effect performs well on most devices. The Download size can't be bigger than 10MB.

If you're submitting an effect to Instagram, the Download size must be 4MB or less.

Improving Performance

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