Test Pages

Create test pages using your app's Test Users to manually or automatically test your app's Facebook integration. Test pages allow you to test your app's integration without testing using your production pages.

Use the API to:

  • Create test pages without restrictions on capabilities or Page creation limits
  • Comment on your test pages using your test users

How to create a Test Page

  1. Create a Test User.
  2. Get a User access token for your App's Test User:
    1. In your Developer Dashboard, select the App for which you wish to create a Test Page.
    2. In the left side menu, under Roles, select Test Users. Make a note of the User ID to use to create a Test Page. The User ID will be needed in the POST request.
    3. Click the Edit button to the right of the User.
    4. Click Change permissions this test user granted to app to ensure the pages_manage_metadata and pages_read_engagement permissions has been applied. If it has, click Cancel, if not, add it here and click Update.
    5. Click the Edit button again and select Get an access token for this user. Copy this access token.
  3. Using the access token you have just acquired and your Test User's User ID, make a POST request on the /user_id/accounts endpoint. The category_enum parameter with a Page Category. Other requirements vary depending on the type of page you are creating but may include name, about, picture, and cover_photo. This request creates a Test Page.
  4. Use the page_id to visit this Facebook Test Page by appending the id to www.facebook.com, "https://www.facebook.com/test-page-id/".